How would a pharmacy sales model work?

In this model, drugs would be supplied through licensed pharmacies – as is the case for a wide range of medical products currently.  While still working within a clearly defined medical framework, is less restrictive than a prescription-only system. Pharmacists are trained and licensed to dispense both prescription drugs and lower risk medical products over the counter.

Regulated pharmacy sales would allow retail to be governed by strict regulatory legislation and a clearly defined quality assurance infrastructure.  In this model suppliers could take into account restrictions according to buyer age, level of intoxication, quantity requested, or case-specific concerns relating to potential misuse. In addition, pharmacists are trained to offer basic medical advice, support and information.

In some places, pharmacists are already involved in drug management regimes. For example, in the UK, they are required to supervise the on-site consumption of some maintenance methadone prescriptions—a precaution against diversion to the illicit market.