Transform Drug Policy Foundation.

Transform works to reduce drug-related harms through evidence-based reforms to policy and practice.


We believe that current drug laws damage everyone in society, especially the most vulnerable.  


We want to see a world in which drugs are regulated effectively, risks are reduced, and policy promotes health and social justice. 

Transform at Work.

Anyone’s Child Campaign.

Families calling for legal regulation

Count the Costs Campaign.

Who pays the real price for prohibition?

International Action.

Taking evidence to the top

Drug Consumption Room Canada

Local Reforms.

Reducing drug harms locally & regionally.


Our extensive library of books and briefings sets out the global research on drug policy, including our flagship publication, ‘After the War on Drugs: Blueprint for Regulation’.

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Transform’s 5 Models of regulation.


Medical prescriptions – for registered users of drugs such as injectable heroin

Specialist Pharmacists.

Sales to registered adult users – for drugs such as amphetamine, powder cocaine and MDMA

Licensed Retailers.

Sales to adult users for drugs such as cannabis

Licensed Premises.

Sale and consumption for adult users – similar to Dutch ‘coffee shops’ – for drugs such as cannabis

Unlicensed Premises.

Sale of lower-risk products such as caffeinated drinks and coca tea

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1,187 drug-related deaths in Scotland is an emergency. Let's treat it like an emergency. Time for action, not just words. https://t.co/txBXTLWRGB from @arjmcauley and me in @ConversationUK #DRD #stopthedeaths

'Scotland has highest drug death rate in EU'

The graph in this BBC news report puts today's stats in stark relief....


94% of the 1187 people who died in Scotland after taking drugs had been mixing more than one drug. Mixing drugs increases your risk.

Visit our website for more harm reduction information: https://t.co/qi3YWPmIN9 #PolyDrugUse #HarmReduction #TakeDrugsSeriously #Scotland

'Scotland has overtaken the United States as the drug death capital of the developed world, with fatalities rising by over a quarter to almost 1,200'

Transform CEO James Nicholls @JamesTDPF & Andy Cowan from @anyoneschild are quoted in @thetimes (£)


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