Promoting public health, human rights and social justice through drug policy reform

Transform Drug Policy Foundation is an independent charity that works to change the way drugs are controlled. For over 50 years, the war on drugs has harmed communities, increased the risk to individuals and gifted a multi-billion dollar trade to organised crime.

Transform informs the public about effective drug policy; develops alternative models of regulation; provides a voice for those directly affected by drug policy failures; and supports policymakers in achieving positive change.

What we do.

Anyones Child Mass Lobby of Parliament

Supporting people calling for change

Our Anyone’s Child campaign works with families who wish to change current drug laws, both in the UK and worldwide

Sharing drug policy knowledge

We analyse, evaluate and communicate evidence to inform the public, practitioners and policymakers on the effects of drug policy

Planning for the future

We develop a vision for the future through our policy models for regulation.

Drug Consumption Room Canada

Working with partners for change

We work directly with policymakers and practitioners to support change on the ground, both locally and nationally.



Our extensive library of books and briefings sets out the global research on drug policy, including our flagship publication, ‘After the War on Drugs: Blueprint for Regulation’.

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Transform’s 5 Models of regulation.

Doctor Vector


Medical prescriptions – for registered users of drugs such as injectable heroin

Specialist Pharmacists.

Sales to registered adult users – for drugs such as amphetamine, powder cocaine and MDMA

Licensed Retailers.

Sales to adult users for drugs such as cannabis

Licensed Premises.

Sale and consumption for adult users – similar to Dutch ‘coffee shops’ – for drugs such as cannabis

Unlicensed Premises.

Sale of lower-risk products such as caffeinated drinks and coca tea

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