Blaksox Hackathon 1

An allyship between Transform and Blaksox

In the UK, Black people are more likely to be stopped and searched, arrested and imprisoned for drug offences - despite levels of drug use being lower than in white communities. The war on drugs entrenches systemic racism.

In the United States changes to the legal status of cannabis have often been seen as an opportunity to address historical injustices of drug policy. We have growing examples of places where, by putting Black voices at the heart of the debate, reform can truly support drug laws that tackle systemic racism and disproportionate policing.

We have formed a new allyship between the Social Action Network BLAKSOX and Transform Drug Policy Foundation that will amplify the voices of Black communities as drug reform comes to Europe and the UK.

This allyship seeks to ensure that Black voices are amplified as we move towards drug law reform here. Transform and Blaksox are committed to ensuring drug policy debates focus on the needs of those most impacted, and that future policy is designed to empower rather than further marginalise these communities.

"The world is waking up to the futility of the war on drugs. Iā€™m pleased that Trust for London is supporting the Transform Drugs Policy Foundation to work with Blaksox ā€“ a network of Black community organisations ā€“ to be involved in the policy debate around legalisation. Black communities need a seat at the table as this debate grows."

Manny Hothi, CEO of Trust for London.

Allyship meeting

Social Justice Potential

We visited New York and Massachusetts to explore the potential for social justice when legally regulating cannabis. Both states put social justice at the heart of their reforms which is why it was such a privilege, alongside our Blaksox allies, to meet and learn from the very activists and legislators who made the reforms happen.


The Green Food Podcast discusses all things cannabis-related, social justice-related, and the wider context around drugs. It's a matter of time until cannabis becomes legal but we must make sure that our people are aware of the social injustices and how we can make space for the emerging economy. The seeds you plant today will be ready for a greener future.

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We are running a series of public events, as well as producing podcasts and publications that provide spaces for Black experiences to be voiced.

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