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About Us.

Our small team is dedicated to reducing the risks associated with drugs, promoting evidence-based policy, and improving the lives of those harmed by ineffective drug laws.

The Team.

Dr. James Nicholls.
Chief Executive Officer.


About James

Emma Caldwell.
Executive Assistant.


About Emma

Danny Kushlick.
Head of External Affairs.



About Danny

Jane Slater.

Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Campaign Manager for Anyone’s Child.


About Jane

Martin Powell.
Head of Partnerships.



About Martin

Ben Campbell.
Communications Officer.



About Ben

Mary Ryder.
Anyone’s Child Coordinator.



About Mary

Steve Rolles.
Senior Policy Analyst.



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Jane Hickman.
Chair of Trustees.

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Ros Kennedy.

About Ros

Howard Jacobs.

About Howard

Claire Wilcox.

About Claire

Vicky Unwin, Transform drug policy foundation Trustee

Vicky Unwin.

About Vicky

Annual Reports.

Our annual reports are available here

Our Funders.

We would like to express our gratitude to all the individual donors and charitable trusts that support our work. We are particularly grateful to our long-term supporters, who had the vision to see so far ahead and the belief in Transform to deliver. We can only do this work with all your support.

Advisory Panel

Alex Wilks.

David Seymour.

Mike Jay.

Henry Warren.

Paul Birch.

Julia Buxton.

James Varty.

Sir Keith Morris.

Transform’s achievements.



“The Task Force would also like to extend its appreciation to Beau Kilmer and Steve Rolles [Transform] for their counsel and advice.”

Canadian Task Force on Cannabis Legalization and Regulation


“I am grateful for the professional support that Transform Drugs provides both ad hoc and more through more formal commissioning. If Transform were not available I would struggle to continue to be an influential advocate for drug policy reform.

I am therefore happy to commend them to potential donors as a professional and knowledgeable charity.”

Arfon Jones, Police and Crime Commissioner for North Wales



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  • 0117 325 0295
  • info@tdpf.org.uk