Krykant ops

what is it?

This ambulance operated as an Overdose Prevention Service (OPS) in Glasgow thanks to founder Peter Krykant. Now, it is touring with us to campaign for the government to allow OPSs to be opened across the UK.

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OPSs are hygienic, safe spaces where people are able to take drugs safely under the supervision of trained staff. They have access to sterile equipment and staff can respond immediately to overdose.

this impacts you

The Misuse of Drugs Act is 50 years old and not fit-for-purpose. The current policy says that OPSs are not allowed. We need drug policy that promotes health, protects the vulnerable and puts safety first.

Real people are being impacted by the failing policy. Click below to hear human stories from our Anyone's Child families who are campaigning for reform.

get involved

One of the most important things you can do is write to your MP. You can use our premade template using the link below.

Share a picture of the vehicle and tag us @TransformDrugs, and let's hear what you think about it! Where should we take the vehicle next?